Introducing WellabeTM

We’re excited to announce on June 26, 2023, American Republic will transition to our new brand, Wellabe. This marks a significant milestone in our company’s history. 

Why we are rebranding to Wellabe

Our journey started back in 1929 when Watson Powell’s vision was to create a company founded on the principal of caring. While we have seen tremendous growth over the years, one thing has remained the same. That same caring attitude has carried on to today and will continue to carry on for the next 100 years. 

Ultimately, our goal is to serve you better. A unified brand will make it easier for you to do business with us and understand our complete product portfolio. With a clear and consistent message and distinctive brand, you’ll recognize us better and be more aware of who we are and what we do. 

Rebranding under Wellabe will also bring our entire organization together as one team, with one purpose. It better reflects who we are, who we’ve been, and who we’ll always be — Wellabe.  

Be well: The story behind Wellabe

Our history started in 1929, and our future is starting in 2023.
Please watch “Be Well: The story behind Wellabe” to learn more about why we're moving to a new, unified brand. 

Same people, products, and services, brand new look

Rest assured, we’re still the same people, with the same products, same great service, and same excellent financial strength to fulfill our promises to you. Other than our new look, not much else is changing. Please refer to the letter we sent that highlights what you can expect, email us, or call 800-247-2190 if you have any questions. 

About Wellabe

The name Wellabe comes from the phrase, “We’ll always be.” It’s an extension of our promise to always be here, helping you prepare for tomorrow so you can live better today.

Thanks for joining us on our journey — we’re incredibly proud to serve you!

Wellabe = "We'll always be."

American Republic will become Wellabe in June 2023.
Please watch the Wellabe brand video to learn more about the meaning behind our new brand.