ExpressPay LifeSM Insurance

Settling an estate takes time. Bank accounts and other life benefits can be difficult to obtain. But ExpressPay LifeSM is whole life insurance that gives your family fast access to the cash benefit. The disbursement can be used to cover funeral costs and a range of final expenses — from unpaid debts and medical bills to probate fees and college tuition. In most cases, no paperwork is necessary to file a claim. Rates never increase, and benefits will never be reduced.

Photo credit: Leo Patrizi

Frequently Used Forms

Absolute Assignment

Use this form to assign and transfer the ownership of a life insurance policy.

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Request for Service

Use this form to make changes to the beneficiary designation on your life insurance policy.

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Proof of Death

This form is required when filing a death claim for a life insurance policy. It is submitted with the W-9 form.

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Cash Surrender Value Request

Cancel your life insurance policy with cash value and receive the cash surrender value.

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One-time Cash Withdrawal Form

If dividends are earned, you may use this form to request a one-time cash withdrawal of dividends.

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Partial Cash Surrender Value Request

Take a partial withdrawal from your policy's cash value but maintain coverage with a decreased benefit.

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