We offer comprehensive and affordable products that fill your insurance gaps. Our goal is to provide solutions that protect the health, happiness, and financial security of your entire family. 

CareAssist Short-Term Convalescent Care Insurance

The CareAssistSM Short-term Convalescent Care plan covers your recovery in a facility if you suffer an illness or injury. It provides a cash benefit to use as needed, and it helps with home healthcare and covered care in a nursing home or assisted living.

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Medicare Supplement Insurance

American Republic's Medicare Supplement plans help bridge the gap between what Medicare pays and your out-of-pocket costs. Some benefits include the freedom to choose your doctors and hospitals, no referrals needed to visit specialists, and speedy claim processing.

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ExpressPay Life Insurance

Settling an estate takes time. Bank accounts and other life benefits can be difficult to obtain. But ExpressPay LifeSM is whole life insurance that gives your family fast access to the cash benefit. The disbursement can be used to cover funeral costs and a range of final expenses — from unpaid debts and medical bills to probate fees and college tuition.

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